Deep Healing Reiki

Deep Healing Reiki

With Reiki there is no higher energy or lower energy system, there is just pure healing energy. Thus the idea that a particular system...
Cho Ku Rei necklace

Cho Ku Rei Necklace

We all know the power of Cho Ku Rei. It enhances the power of other symbols too. Eg. If the power of, any symbol is number...
Dowsing and Pendulum dowsing

Dowsing and pendulum dowsing

Every person have an ability in his body to catch and throw the micro energy or called magnetic energy around him. But everybody is...
reiki home cleansing

Home Reiki healing cleansing

Some time we visit a house or hotel or place, we get very negative vibration, not even other location at our home too, we feel very sad , depressed, moodiness or like we wanted to turn around or leave from the place. The feeling we get on these places called negative vibrations, a sensitive person may accept these negative vibrations easily. More over some guests left their negative vibrations at our home. We all are regularly clean our house physically, clean the door, floor, windows and almost every location but negative vibrations sill alive in home.
Sun Healing Meditation

Sun Healing Meditation

Sun is the only and the ultimate source of energy on this wonderful and lively planet – THE EARTH. The life force prevailing on...
Seven Amazing Benefits of Clapping

Seven Amazing Benefits of Clapping

“Clapping” a Simple Striking of Hands but it’s much more than you Think. Normally People clap to Appreciate others for their Good works and achievements...
what is your vibrational frequency

What’s your vibrational frequency?

Back in the 70’s, the common pick up line was… “What’s your sign?” Well today in this new age of time… we should be...
brass camphor lamp burner

Camphor burner magic of light with reiki

Camphor burners Almost every Pooja and Aarti being performed with camphor, it has holy felling, spiritual significance. Camphor burns itself out completely without leaving a...
Charge your body

Charger of your body

Our Hands are the true source of energy. We have seven chakras in our five fingers and palms, are also the location of planets...
crystals reiki

Crystal for reiki healing

Today we are exploring the uses of crystal in reiki healing. We have already explored the ' Strength of Life Seven Chakras', In this...