Cho Ku Rei Necklace

Cho Ku Rei necklace
Cho Ku Rei necklace

We all know the power of Cho Ku Rei. It enhances the power of other symbols too.
Eg. If the power of, any symbol is number 10. It may become to 100 or 1000 depending on the chokurei added before n after it.

Likewise only Cho Ku Rei one after another like beads in a necklace works with tremendous power.

  • Cho Ku Rei necklace
    Cho Ku Rei necklace

    To remove chronic pain, draw and activate a Chain or Necklace of 11 to 21 chokurei on the part.

  • To remove headache – draw and activate as many Cho Ku Rei ; as they fit on your head, like a crown of flowers.
  • To heal eyes – use 4 chokurei ring.
  • For internal injuries or stomach issues, use 21 chokurei necklace on stomach chakras and imagine eating a ball of 11 Cho Ku Rei – which goes exactly to the pain inside and removes it immediately.
  • To reduce swelling use 51 cho ku rei and program it for repeating every one hour till completely healed.
  • To reduce fats, program 101 cho ku rei for one month, with intention that it dissolves all extra fats and helps transform and maintain ideal body weight
  • To help solve any issue with any organ just use 101 cho ku rei on the backbone and intend that it goes to the organ and it’s healed, whole and complete.
  • You can try it for other issues too.

(Reiki is an alternate therapy to be used along with the actual therapy for a better life)
Happy ChoKuRei healing.

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