Reiki helps to fulfill your dreams

Reiki wishes box
Reiki wishes box

Life means growth, maturity, satisfaction. But nobody in life has never been satisfied in the world. Everybody wants to complete his desires, wishes or requirements or dreams in life. Reiki has the power and strength to fulfill your desires.

But there are some limitations or conditions to fulfill your wishes, like the desire should have positive impact. It should be in the favour of human society. It should not be harmful for anybody in any way. As there is no space for hatred, complexes, anger or any negative thoughts. There is no space for negative words or feelings. The desire should have some limits like you cannot wish to buy Taj Mahal. You can do one wish at one time. You should be confident enough for this. There should not be any conflict about you and your inner conscious mind. The desire should be for the benefit of you, your family, society and humanity, so the good energy, positive vibes will help you to fulfill it early.

Reiki wishes box
Reiki wishes box

First take bath, wear clean clothes,

  • Sit in East facing direction and pray to your holy God (Ishta Devata).
  • Enlighten a candle
  • Open up for the flow of Reiki,
  • Make third symbol with red pen and write your wish neatly on a square sheet.
  • Then fold the paper two times in a square form and put it on a symbol plate, put the holy pyramid on the paper.
  • Now peacefully take the pyramid on the left hand and put your right hand on it.
  • Give continuously Reiki energy.
  • Repeat your wish 21 times in your heart and mind.
  • This will make the pyramid charge and start the process of self healing.
  • After that put this holy pyramid to the holy place or temple in your home.
  • Sit in front of this pyramid and charge it with Reiki.
  • Do Reiki daily till the accomplishment of your wish. As the pyramid is charged with the help of prayers.

After completing your wish remove the paper from the pyramid symbol and burn it in the holy fire.


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