Symbol Meditation – The Power Of Reiki Symbols

Symbol Meditaton - The power of Reiki Symbols
Symbol Meditaton - The power of Reiki Symbols

How to awaken your mind, body and soul . Strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual powers with  Symbol Meditation.

  • Choose a peaceful location.
  • Stay away from telephone, door bell, children or any other disturbing element during this period of time.
  • Sit in a comfortable posture keeping your back straight .(in Padmasan or Sukhasan)
  • Keep the light dim light and Play some light music or chanting of OM in the room.
  • Close your eyes and join your hands.
  • Now pray “O  God bless me with the the strength to awaken my body and soul  and show me the right path.

    Symbol Meditaton - The power of Reiki Symbols
    Symbol Meditaton – The power of Reiki Symbols
  • Concentrate between your brows on Third Eye Chakra, focus on breathing how it comes in and goes out. Take a deep breath in and out, repeat the process again and again.
  • Focus on each and every part of your body through your inner vision.
  • You will feel relaxed, calm with a peaceful heart.
  • In this stage (in Alfa level) imagine as if you are sitting in a temple in front of God.
  • Concentrate your vision to Crown Chakra, as you feel the Violet Colour around you and a beautiful lotus in front of you.
  • Call the Reiki Energy and make symbol one Cho Ku Rei
  • Realise as symbol 1 is coming slowly to the lotus in a bright shine from crown to root chakra.
  • It will give a continuous power or energy and empower all your chakras, lastly you will see it will establish in the root chakra.
  • Again pray to God”O God all this energy will flow in my body and soul and enlighten me.”
  • Feel that all the blockage in your body is healing by this Cho Ku Rei symbol, your body is now filled with a freshness
  • Call symbol 2 and pray to God flow this Sei Hei Ki energy in my body and balance my feeling, love, emotions and heart.
  • You will feel as symbol 2 is revolving on the lotus in pink colour from crown to root chakra, you will feel a pink light around you, which is the symbol of love and peace.
  • It will balance all your chakras and lastly establish in the root chakra and you realise as all universal powers in you actually.
  • Call the energy and make symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, feel the energy flowing in your body from crown to root chakra. this immense feeling connect you to the universe, spiritual powers, your God and Goddess  and you are the part of these powers.
  • Pray to God “O  universal powers, God, holy souls Give the path of love peace true vision. Flow in me and make me as holy as you are. so I can devote myself for humanity”
  • Focus and realise as the golden light and powers are flowing in you and you will become the part of these energies.
  • In this stage of param anand, put both your hands on your heart, Come back in your conscious and thank to all the energies, your Gurus and Gods for such a beautiful experience.
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