Create your Future by Reiki Healing

Create your Future by Reiki Healing
Create your Future by Reiki Healing

Reiki Raises your Vibration and so much More!

Reiki is a form of energy healing that connects you to the life force energy that is within us all. We all have this ability to heal ourselves, as well as others. We have just forgotten how. This is how we healed ourselves way back in the old days, before modern medicine. Ancient healing practices such as Yoga from India, Qi Gong from China, are all energy healing practices, just as Reiki from Japan is. They all connect you to your energy body. They all bring you back into balance and unscramble your energy body. Reiki aligns your meridians and clearing your chakras. The energy lines, frequencies and energy centers of the body. When this happens, you are raising your vibration, which is when the body is able to heal because you are in a state of flow. Stuck energy that is creating blockages get released. Therefore your, energy flow is increased because everything is able to move as It should. When everything is working properly and in a state of flow, well then, illness doesn’t happen!

Reiki has not only helped me heal, but it has enlightened me in so many ways. It has helped me to realize that I can create what I want in my life. I create my own reality! I never knew that. I thought that I was… my thoughts. I also didn’t know how the events in my life, really affected me. I didn’t know that I was in control. I was not my mind, my brain that is just an organ was not in control. We all have those negative thoughts that are putting us down all the time or telling us we can’t do this or being negative about events in your life. I didn’t know how those things affected my life. I now know I have control of my thoughts, my feelings and these are what lead to the actions and realities of my life!
When I started to do Reiki on myself, I was able to actually feel how my thoughts and feeling actually were affecting me on a physical level. I could actually feel how the words that were positive, like love, joy and peace… were raising my vibration and creating healing in my body. It is truly remarkable to experience this.

Create your Future by Reiki Healing
Create your Future by Reiki Healing

I finally feel like I can take a deep breath and just live in the moment. It brings so much peace within knowing that I have control. I am in the driver seat and I don’t need medicine to heal me. I can release the stress that builds up in my body. I can control my thoughts that are making me feel bad. I am now truly able to feel that awesome feeling of true joyfulness within, that feeling of contentment that is just there, for no reason at all… because I choose to!

Reiki doesn’t work, unless you set the intention for it to flow. You have to connect to it. And that is true with everything. I now truly understand the nature of energy and the fact that we are all energy, everything is just energy and energy transforms so easily and instantaneously. It really is quite hard to comprehend, until you actually experience it.

I connect to this life force energy everyday. Bringing me into a higher state of consciousness. I get to live in a state of flow and life just gets better and better!
Life is about feeling GOOD! If it doesn’t feel good, then why do it? You don’t have to! But you have to get to that space where you believe it and believe in yourself.

Lara Skadsen
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I am a Reiki Master, Artist, Art Teacher, Energy Coach, Yoga instructor and JourneyDance facilitator. I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My husband and I have been teaching internationally for over 20 years and we have lived in many countries around the world. My passion is to help others heal themselves and be teach others how to live in their higher consciousness, so that life can be awesome and we can all work to improve our lives and others and make this planet a better place to live.