Improve your financial situation using Vasudha Symbol

Reiki Vasudha Symbol
Reiki Vasudha Symbol

Every one need to improve their financial position. Money is not every thing but we need money for basic need, apart of this, we need money to fulfill dreams and goals for ourselves and for our family. Most of the time we are looking for alternative way to increase our financial position.
Today we are exploring  the small way to attract more money to fulfill wishes and goals.

reiki-vasudha-drawVasudha is a symbol of Reiki energy, this symbol call every time for improvement for financial position. We can use this symbol in many formations, here I am explain in two format or this.

Vasudha is used in red color, you can draw as shown in picture, it’s very simple to draw using this picture. After draw Vasudha in Red Color, Reiki Master / healer charge this to make the initiate the energy. Make the power symbol back side of the paper, where you draw the Vasudha
Very simple step to initiate / invoke it, burn incense sticks for purification, give the power symbol with it symbol 1+Vasudha+1 or send the higher energy. Place this symbol at your workplace.

Reiki Vasudha Symbol
Reiki Vasudha Symbol

You can also use this symbol in home to make a miracle box. It’s very simple to make box, pick a small carton or any jewellery box and decorate it, place the Vasudha symbol in it with your intention back of the paper in this box, clean and charge this box every day and give the intention my financial situation is improving in every moment.

Try this method and fulfill your dreams faster.

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