Karmic Reiki

Karmic Reiki
Karmic Reiki

This is my first article for this site so I am starting with one of my favorite reiki which is Karmic Reiki. Many of you may not be aware of this reiki but the awareness towards this reiki is increasing slowly. Karmic reiki is more of a concept where the client is made to regress in a karmic state. In this reiki we connect with the client and see what are the challenges faced by the client in present and how is it linked with his past.

Karmic Reiki
Karmic Reiki

I believe in mixing various reiki techniques to treat clients so that the client is benefitted and sees difference at the earliest. I will share with you in this article on how we can treat a person suffering from some type of addiction and make them live a life without any co-dependence. I will discuss here a typical karmic reiki treatment and in future also bring in articles here I will combine more than one type of reiki in a treatment.

Karmic reiki can be done in following steps:

  • Start with scanning of the client’s aura here we need to make the client sit comfortably and connect with him with our traditional HSZSN symbol and ask for the higher self in guiding you to heal the person from his addiction.
  • When you are scanning the aura allow your hands to move to and fro throughout all the chakras of the client freely as this will help you in checking the distortions and disruptions in the aura which will make it easier for us to clear the respective chakras where there are blockages.
  • Now draw the emotional butterfly symbol on your palms and brush the aura of the person in a way that you are cleansing him of his karmic energies (when we do this step some may feel a trap getting released from their body)
  • Once this is done use the Taoist grace symbol to remove any addictive patterns and negative thinking from the clients aura. This also you need to draw on your palms and on the client’s whole body or on all his chakras.
  • Than we use one of the three sisters which is also known as Karmic Blockage Vaporizer or the Mei Ku Do one of the most powerful symbols in karmic reiki to remove any objects which are still clinging to our aura. Here we visualize the symbol in our third eye and draw it in your palms and also in the air and call out the name of the symbol three times to activate it. Than motion your hands throughout the persons aura and identify the objects clinging and cleanse them in a way that you are sweeping them away from the aura and throwing it away from side to side till the object is fully cleared.
  • Once this is done use the next symbol which is called as Mei Tu nyo or karmic shadow cleanser which acts more like clearing anything which has been left behind in the aura. Follow the same steps as you did with Mei Ku Do and sweep away any leftover blockages or objects in the aura, but here we use our hands as we are stroking the fur of some animal in a softer way.
  • Last we use the symbol known as the guide connection or Shi Te Myo which is actually a very powerful symbol and has to be used with proper care and guided intuition as the energy level of this symbol is very high. Connect with this symbol the way you did with the other two symbols and use this symbol always at the end of the treatment with soft sweeps across the body in a way that it is soothing and calming the aura.

You need to be attuned to this reiki to use it and don’t use it without proper guidance or attunement as it may not give you the desired results. Reiki blessings to all.

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