Deep Healing Reiki

Deep Healing Reiki
Deep Healing Reiki

With Reiki there is no higher energy or lower energy system, there is just pure healing energy. Thus the idea that a particular system is ‘stronger’ than the last Reiki system you learnt must be re-considered. It’s not higher vibration or better vibration percent but yes this is the vibration that YOU require at that point of time and space. YOU have evolved to a stage wherein you are ‘ready’ to work on certain energy system that is more likely to be focused on your need at the time.

Deep Healing Reiki, and as the name suggests, is a system developed to work on various deeply embedded issues in the psyche carried over as trauma or memory over lifetimes. It has a penetrative power and hits the issues that had been suppressed over time and releases them. These wounds/issues could be related to our childhood, ancestral influence or DNA encoded. It does not really matter where the wound comes from or what it was about. All that matters is clearing up the energy and releasing the negative charge from the mind/body system.

Deep Healing Reiki
Deep Healing Reiki

Many deep wounds are held in the body as part of the physical energetic matrix.
Deep Healing Reiki works to clear those cell memories that may be causing chi blockages and perhaps even physical problems. You see the relation? Karuna Reiki symbols – Zonar, Halu does similar work. And yet we have an energy system that works with immense effect. Thus, it depends on the person if he/she requires it at that point of time for soul evolution. But if you ever decide on taking up a new system in your daily self healing process, DHR is perhaps easiest to work with. It is brought to us by Stephanie Brail and requires us to call on the energy by intent.


  1. Attitude of Gratitude.
  2. Invoke Higher Beings (if you wish to)
  3. Draw and chant the Usui Reiki symbols or any other (if you wish to)
  4. Intend that you are healed or if it is for a specific purpose then you have been completely cured from XYZ disorder/disease or if it is for relationship issues that you and ABC are in a healthy, loving relationship.
  5. Call on Deep Healing Reiki by calling out its name three times or draw the symbol you are attuned to.
  6. Allow your hands to guide you to any point/position on your body and let the energy flow as long as you feel like it.
    If you do not feel like placing your hands at any specific location then you can cups your hands together and let the energy flow.
  7. Once it is complete, come out of it with Gratitude.

With my personal experience, it is best done in a quiet place with incense and candle/diya and where you are undisturbed during this time. Do not start drawing the symbol or calling on the energy on your way to work or while working on your computer. It goes deep and requires full receptivity on our part for the energy to work effectively. You can even meditate with DHR or send it to your intention box but it works best as explained in the procedure.

My personal journey with DHR has been immense. When I first received it, I knew something changed; meditation with DHR felt easier, was in an alpha state in a shorter span that I did earlier and as for certain revelations regarding certain issues were immense. Flashes of past life memories as to what cause lead to the effect in this moment became more apparent. Hence, it felt easier to work on those issues using Usui Reiki, Karuna or Karmic Reiki.

Chances of your meeting God/Goddesses or deities are also very high, it’s best if you ask what message they want to convey. All in all, this system is going to help you in ways you cannot comprehend. So if you ever decide on this system or feel called for, go for it and incorporate it in your daily healing practice for yourself and others.

Keep the healing energy flowing.

Vedant Borah

A Reiki practitioner and teacher of Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Akashic Records, Tarot and Oracle card reading.

Believes in Divine timing and Reiki blessings to the core.
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