Cho Ku Rei – Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei - Power Symbol
Cho Ku Rei - Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei is a power symbol, just like a power switch to increase or lighting up the location by ON the switch. It is use on any location or place to increase the energy or clean. Mostly reiki practitioner use Cho Ku Rei clock wise to empower the Reiki Energy and some are use it anti clock wise for cleaning.

Cho Ku Rei - Power Symbol
Cho Ku Rei – Power Symbol

All Cho Ku Rei power is in your intention, give the clear intention to symbol, what you want to do with it. Some Reiki Healers use it on their palms to power up himself/herself before treating others to clear the channels and empower their hands. Some Reiki Healer use the different type of Cho Ku Rei to clean the aura and treatment of spinal cord. It also use the end of the session and to stabilize the reiki energy.

Every symbol has it’s own colors, just like Cho Ku Rei has White and Golden color.

Use of Cho Ku Rei

  • Instant empower the Reiki Energy
  • Power Symbol increase the power energy for every thing that exists living or nonliving like Water, Food, Crystals, aura and more.
  • Making the Power Symbol in front of you to protect yourself with clear intention.
  • Power Symbol use for cleaning the home from negative vibrations and make it energies and also aura cleaning, remove negative energy and stabilize the positive energy.
  • Increase the positive energy in aura, home, environment, and stop negative vibrations
  • It also increase the power of other symbols and your healing abilities
  • It is also use to seal the energy
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