SEI HE KI (Balancing Symbol)

Sei Hei Ki
Sei Hei Ki

Sei Hei Ki symbol is attached to mental or emotional healing. It is helpful to activate Kundalini in meditation. It is visualize in pink colour. This symbol is use on Third Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra and Solor Plexux Chakra,all three are control and balance through this symbol and we can maintain mental,  emotional and spiritual balance in our body.This is a powerful mental healing so before starting, we have to make our thoughts pure. It satisfy our thoughts and feelings and make our sub conscious mind ready for healing.It balances right and left brain,give peace to our mind. It helps to heal depraton , aggration, fear, sorrow and nervousness.This symbol oftenly use to remove bad habits, addiction, for Weight loss, to find lost objects, improve memory and relationship.

Sei Hei Ki
Sei Hei Ki

Firstly we have to make Cho Ku Rei symbol then Sei Hei Ki and again Cho Ku Rei. We give this energy 10 to 15 min.

Now make this symbol on both sides of your ears.Then on the Third Eye Chakra .It will increase your learning power and memory.

Then make this Sei Hei Ki symbolon heart chakra. It will remove your bad habits, addiction, complexes, emotional imbalances.

Next make Sei Hei Ki Symbol on Solor Plexus chakra to heal your stomach related problems.

We can also find any lost object with the help of Sei Hei Ki symbol.

It remove and guard your body from negative energy and bad vibrations.


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