Iava Karuna Reiki Symbol

iava karuna reiki (EE-AH-VAH)
iava karuna reiki (EE-AH-VAH)

Time is like sand in your hand. And to achieve something, right decision on right time must be taken. Some times we face such kind of situation that it is difficult to make the right decision. To make your dream fulfill a person need a right direction to go ahead in life.

Seventh symbol in Karuna Reiki Symbol Iava (EE-AH-VAH) relates to you directly from your personal divine power. Iava Symbol (EE-AH-VAH) is similar to OM. Symbol. It’s an earth healing energy.

It makes you aware and guide through life.
It is helpful symbol in keeping our energy clear from the thoughts projection by other people or from our fears. As a person live his life according to what other people want him to do, or what he think he should do for the sake of society.This may stop your progressiveness through life.

Iava helps you to listen and follow your heart.

iava karuna reiki  (EE-AH-VAH)
iava karuna reiki (EE-AH-VAH)

Iava communicates with nature spirit.
It helps in getting personal divine, co-dependence, power and earth healing. Our soul communicates directly with our heart through Iava. So it makes our thoughts clear of any type of influence which may distract anybody in achieving his aim in life. Iava also works well with Harth to help overcome addictions. Actually this symbol is truly helpful in removing ego and make one’s independent with his feeling, emotion and happiness. we can say that Iava makes you live more conscious which leads you in achieving your goal.

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