Heal Arthritis by Reiki Psychic Surgery

Heal Arthritis by Reiki Psychic Surgery
Heal Arthritis by Reiki Psychic Surgery

Reiki Psychic Surgery is a very powerful non-invasive method. In this method surgeon works on patient’s etheric body, surgeon did not even touch the physically and did not remove any physical matter from within the body. Reiki Psychic Surgery works very effectively to remove the blockages from aura and chakras of the patient.
We learn this magical method in Reiki Master Course. We can also define in three form also

Heal Arthritis by Reiki Psychic Surgery
Heal Arthritis by Reiki Psychic Surgery

Telepathic surgery –Contact to unconscious mind using the power of thoughts and imagination to complete the telepathic surgery.
Aura Surgery – Aura cleaning and remove the blockages is a very effective method for surgery.
Laser Psychic Surgery – Crystal pencil used as laser beam. This method also used the above both method make it more effective.

Heal Arthritis by Reiki Psychic Surgery from hands –

  • Use Power Master symbol on both your hand to give you energy
  • Create a protective shield for yourself, for this make Power symbol on your chakras.
  • Connect to patient and make power symbol on him also, call the supreme energy, reiki guides to channel you for this Psychic Surgery operation.
  • We are working on hands here, so clean the hand for blockage first.
  • Check the blockage area in hands
  • Clean all the joints of hand with violet flame , remove the blockages, dead tissues, draing pus etc.
  • Keep the operation going until you feel you have completely removed, cleaned the problem
  • Now use the white light on the hand and apply the golden oil get from the supreme energy.
  • Close the surgery of patient and make the power symbol in golden color.
  • Thanks to the Reiki master, Reiki Channel, guides.

Use the same method to heal the Arthritis from the elbow and joint pains.

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