full moon night

full moon reiki
full moon reiki

As we know full moon night the symbol of removing the negativities, blockages from all over.  Release your blockages and everything toxic from your mind, body, soul and aura.

We can also get the more positive energy from full moon night.

You can charge your crystal with the powerful energy of full moon, it is very easy to get this, place your crystals overnight into divine energy of full moon.

You can make magical moon water very easily, just place a glass of water in moonlight and get the shower of positive energy in water.r jewelry out to savor the energy of

moonlight is good for health also, you can view the moonlight around 10 minutes to increase the eyesight

you can do the meditation overnight, in the park or open area and make your intuition more powerful. Full Moon is the time for heightened intuition, meditate and take full advantage of the full moon energy to increase your intuition and charge yourself.