Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse is a big cosmic event in the sky, and it's very good time to process your thoughts and wished in action. Solar...
reiki exam

Reiki Tips for Exams

Exam days create a panic in students mind, this will distract the student from the study area. Different student have different style of study...
Everything in our Universe is Energy.

Energy Flows where Attention Goes

Research in California conducted by psychotherapists proved that Energy Flows where Attention Goes Everything in our Universe is Energy. When you say, “ I don’t want...
Sun Healing Meditation

Sun Healing Meditation

Sun is the only and the ultimate source of energy on this wonderful and lively planet – THE EARTH. The life force prevailing on...
Tera Mai Seichem Healing

Tera Mai Seichem Healing

What is Tera-Mai Seichem Healing? Seichem (pronounced Say- Keem) is an Egyptian word referring to a person’s God-energy or spark of the creator that we...
effects of negative thoughts

Effects of Negative thoughts

The moment negative thought enters in your mind, Your body releases acid. Your aura decreases. Your resistance power decreases. Your system's functions are affected. ...
Gnosa Karuna Reiki Symbol

Are you satisfied with your life ?

How can we live a life in a beautiful way ? How can we get satisfied life ? Question mostly comes in my mind today's life is...
The Awakening RHF

The Awakening Reiki Healing Foundation

THE AWAKENING RHF's Global Reiki Mission - Free Mass Reiki Seminar Event Date : 8th May 2016 Location : Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi, India The biggest mission Reiki Healing...
Meditation Reiki Healers

The awakening path Meditation

Meditation is not a complected  process rather it is  devotion to God, deep thinking, a practice to train your mind. Its chintan , manan...
reiki home cleansing

Home Reiki healing cleansing

Some time we visit a house or hotel or place, we get very negative vibration, not even other location at our home too, we feel very sad , depressed, moodiness or like we wanted to turn around or leave from the place. The feeling we get on these places called negative vibrations, a sensitive person may accept these negative vibrations easily. More over some guests left their negative vibrations at our home. We all are regularly clean our house physically, clean the door, floor, windows and almost every location but negative vibrations sill alive in home.