Dowsing and pendulum dowsing

Dowsing and Pendulum dowsing
Dowsing and Pendulum dowsing

Every person have an ability in his body to catch and throw the micro energy or called magnetic energy around him. But everybody is not familiar with this capability. A person can use such inner vision, inner power or Telepathy that can help him to find the direction or path in his life.

It is law of nature that even vibration attract even vibration. When a person catch such vibes in his  subconscious mind, which circulates this to his nervous system. This magnetic energy and rotation of pendulum show us a path or direction to follow, and we are able to find our queries. This science is called Dousing.

Dowsing and Pendulum dowsing
Dowsing and Pendulum dowsing

Dousing is the technique to find hidden object, secrete matter, secrete things. In this technique you can use Pendulum, Y-Rod, L-Rod or Bobber..This technique helps to get the answer satisfy your quarries and also right direction to your life. Either it is to find treasure, water, oil inside the earth or it is secret matter about your past, present and future. It helps in finding the missing person, choose one things from many choices.

Dousing is an amazing experience for anyone. Dousing is a method to give the correct answer and right direction.

It helps in many ways like

  • TO choose your carrier/ business
  • To choose your life partner
  • To choose  your stream or job
  • To choose your property
  • To choose the correct time of an action take place.

I want to share one of my experience of Dousing with you –

How I found a thief who stole my friend’s mobile of Rs 40,000. After a long time, I went to one of my close friend’s house. He was sitting in very serious mood. He told me that some of his house hold things are also missing and aunt told me that an amount of 25,000 was also missing last week, and now my friend’s mobile. They told me that all his servants are very old and faithful. I asked the names of all three of them, and started doing Dousing. The Y-Rod again and again turns to name of the servant, Who had worked there for last 12 years. My friend silently kept an eye on him for few days and realized that he was the culprit. They found all their missing things from his quarter. He thanked me afterwards, and I thanked to my Guru.

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