Power of prayers


In today’s fast moving world , people hardly have time to pray .Some people pray , but they do it more , as a regular habit , where there is no link between the heart & mind.

I personally feel, the air is filled with vibrations. So when we sincerely pray , we apply force in the spiritual universe & become successful in sending these vibrations to God.
Reiki power of prayersLet me share my experience with u all .This happened in the year 2011, my daughter was then in School. She had returned from School with swollen hands. It so happened as she was practicing experiments in the science laboratory, accidentally Aqua Regia (a strong acid) had spilled on both her hands. Eventually her burns evolved into massive blood blisters. She was taken to the doctor.The astute doctor, in full gravitas had declared that for her lifetime she would have bold scars on both her hands which would be incurable.
As her parents we were in a state of shock!!!!

However we were left with the most powerful medicine in our mind & that was “prayers”. There is a popular saying when u feel God is rubbing you against rocks, don’t think that you will run down to xust, it’s just that he is polishing a diamond. it is indeed true .Today when i look at my daughter’s

scar-less hands , I thank the almighty for His “DIVINE INTERVENTION”.

Oindrilla Mukherjee
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Oindrilla Mukherjee is a Reiki Healer. She is highly spiritual, & considers Reiki to be the ‘Elixir of Life’. She practices USUI Reiki (All Levels), KARUNA Reiki, ANGEL Reiki, FUSION Reiki, Magnified Healing, Pranic Healing. unsung She has also accomplished - ‘Hands-on Healing’ & ‘Distant Healing’. Her success as a Reiki Healer, incited her so much that her ultimate goal in life has taken a divine diversion with a penchant towards healing mankind, & particularly the under privileged children – whom she beckons as the unnoticed ‘Little Angels of the Almighty’. Oindrilla lives in Mumbai, India ; and can be reached at her e-mail : Oindrilla.mukherjee6@gmail.com