Cooking with the help of Reiki GOD

cooking and reiki
cooking and reiki

The title of my article could have mesmerized you, but the experiences which I got, have delighted me.
As a Reiki practitioner, we inhale & exhale Reiki, but have we ever thought of Reiki God’s help in cooking ?
Yes ! I did it.
I am a homemaker, & I love cooking.
While cooking, we sometimes get distracted by the regular television serials. Even I got……
It so happened, as I was cooking ‘Dal’ (boiled & spiced lentils) distraction made me overcook the dish & add a good amount of salt in it.
Imagine a overcooked ‘Dal’ with good amount of salt in it ???

I thought of throwing it away, when suddenly there was a flash of advice from my Reiki God. I drew a big “ CHO-KU-REI ” , and placed my intention.

cooking and reiki
cooking and reiki

“Dear CHO-KU-REI, please make the ‘ Dal ’ so tasty that my family members keep licking their fingers”.
With unease, I served the ‘Dal’ on the table, but to my utter surprise, my daughter exclaimed that it was the best ‘Dal’, I had ever cooked.
WOW !!……… how could this happen ??
It was again my Reiki God by my side. “CHO-KU-REI” is a magic symbol. Ever since, I draw ‘CHO-KU-REI’ after cooking.
Readers please try it & let me know.
Happy cooking, with Reiki God.!!

Oindrilla Mukherjee
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