Harth - Karuna Reiki
Harth - Karuna Reiki

Today we have many researches on the psychology of human behavior and human nature. In such research there is a common factor comes to the light that every disease occurs due to negative thought, angry behavior and lack of love and affection in one’s life. If there will be immense love, affection and devotion in one’s life nobody will fall sick mentally or physically. In difficult time or unfavorable circumstances one can have feeling of aggration, cruel behavior or revenge. Harth helps to calm down such bad and negative vibes or feeling and fills immense love in one’s life . Harth is the 3rd symbols in Karuna reiki,which heals the heart and all issues related to heart. It can also be used to fill in healed heart with love,which was earlier blocked by negative or bad vibrations.

  • Harth - Karuna Reiki
    Harth – Karuna Reiki

    Harth helps in the betterment of relationship of all kinds. If there is any difficulty in the relationship, this will solve the problem or issue and create a loving compassionate feeling in heart of both the person . It also improves a relationship that is already good. But it cannot be used to control a person. Harth Symbol is used to strengthen or empower the relationship as it comes from love and to make a wise decision where as some relationships are not healthy or capable to be continued, in that case Harth help to end the relationship in a wiser way.

  • Depression is a common problem in today’s life . Harth will balance one’s heart and mind. It heals the mental state of mind and balance the emotional state of the person .
  • Harth can make you free from the situation when you are hurt by someone’s harsh statement or behavior, sorrow, aggration or self guilty. It will heal such kind of depression.
  • If somebody is addicted to something like alcohol, drugs or any kind of bad company or habit, which means that one have problem with his heart. It helps you to come out of this situation and will balance the heart, so that one can love life.
  • If one has some good habits, this will allow the person to do what you want to do. When you look at all the habits that are healthy for a person, he will always be able to find someone who love these activities . Harth can help us to develop a natural love for anything that are healthy for us to do .

If somebody has some complex regarding his capability, efficiency or beauty, one keeps on getting failed every field of his life .Harth helps to get rid off different kind of complexes in one’s heart and mind . It will be beneficial for the progress,growth and development of the person.
So Symbol Harth truly represents the energetic essence in of universal compassion. Harth inspires us and guide us to the right path and live life in a joyful way.

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