Reiki the awakening power

Belive in Reiki Energy
Belive in Reiki Energy

Reiki is the Answer to Being Your Best Self and no special Guru has to do Reiki for you!
(You already have the gift)

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams and be happy and healthy, then Reiki can help you get there! Reiki is energy healing that shows physical proof that it heals both physically and mentally. It even helps you manifest your desires in life. Bringing you into a higher vibration where healing and manifesting is able to occur.

Hospitals all over the United States are now using Reiki to help heal patients. Both Western Medicine and Energy Medicine complimenting each other! How awesome is that! Reiki is a preventative and an aid in the healing of an illness. Psychological issues such as eating disorders and depression as well. Reiki will build your immune system and help get to the root of all illnesses by clearing the emotional blockages.

Reiki has truly transformed my life in so many ways.
I feel so much joy and love in my heart and soul knowing that I can heal myself, as well as others. It is so unbelievably easy and simple to do, that it is hard to comprehend until you actually experience it. And what is so awesome is that anyone can do it. We already have the ability within all of us, it just needs to be awakened.
Reiki the awakening power

Belive in Reiki Energy
Belive in Reiki Energy

The way Reiki came to me was, I got into an e-bike accident about 3 years ago while living in China. I had a pretty bad concussion. I couldn’t get rid of this horrible vertigo for months, which was a result of the lovely big bump on my head. But then, I went to Costa Rica for a yoga retreat. There was an energy healer there offering healing sessions. I had a session that lasted an hour. She placed her hands upon me and just above my body in different places along my body. It felt very relaxing. At the end, I sat up, and shockingly, the vertigo was completely gone! I couldn’t believe it.

That was just 3 years ago, and today, I am at the level of a Reiki Master! I am still always in a constant state of amazement when a healing occurs. It is just so incredible and really hard to believe that someone can be healed with just the intention and two hands hovering over the body. I have helped people with mental and emotional issues, such as claustrophobia, Bulimia to bronchitis, migraines and even broken bones. Isn’t that awesome. And I must say…when I say “I” did it, I mean that I allowed it. It was not me actually doing the healing, but the life force healing energy was able to work through me. And it could for you too! You just have to connect with that energy and allow it to happen with your intention.

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I am a Reiki Master, Artist, Art Teacher, Energy Coach, Yoga instructor and JourneyDance facilitator. I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My husband and I have been teaching internationally for over 20 years and we have lived in many countries around the world. My passion is to help others heal themselves and be teach others how to live in their higher consciousness, so that life can be awesome and we can all work to improve our lives and others and make this planet a better place to live.