The Board of Karma

The board of karma
The board of karma

Greetings to everyone! Today I want to write about something that has fascinated me for quite some time. And I find it difficult to believe this exists! We all know what Karma is. It is the Law of Cause and Effects. But did you know there is a Karmic Board that monitors our Karma? No, I am not talking about God, as every religion says; God punishes us for bad Karma.
There is actually a Karmic Board which consists of a group of Ascended Masters who oversee each soul’s evolution through life and death. They have a record, a book with our individual names that keeps them aware of how we spent our time on earth. They examine each individual who want to take re-birth and see if it’s appropriate or not. I know they sound like cold judges who probably punish us for everything! But that’s not true. The true purpose of having the Karmic Board is to help with easing the burden of Karma especially unknown Karma. Also, to get rid of karmic relationships. Most of our obligatory relationships are karmic.

The board of karma
The board of karma

Currently, there are eight members on the Karmic board.
1. Great Divine Director Racogczy
He is also, known as Teacher and is believed to have taught St Germain and Jesus. He helps people to discover and stick to their life path.
2. Goddess of Liberty
She is the Spokesman for the Karmic Board in charge of Freedom or liberty of thought, word and action. Her statue of Liberty is in New York!
3. Lady Nada
She is about peace and service to all.
4. Elohim Cyclopea
He is one eyed, representing divine, untarnished truth
5. Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth
She is the Goddess of arts and music.
6. Portia, Goddess of Justice
She is the embodiment of justice and opportunity
7. Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy
We all know her! She is the goddess of forgiveness and compassion
8. Vairochana
This is another name for Lord Buddha in all his forms. He has recently been added as the eighth member of the Karmic board. He represents the eight fold path of Buddhism.
Each, of these members have a certain task to accomplish. Their areas of expertise has been stated to you. You can connect with them for help in almost all matters.
If you feel you have some unknown karma that needs to be balanced, connect using HSZSN with one or other member of the karmic board and state your intention. You may also keep an intention chit and then burn it after healing for a few days.
If you are being harassed by any individual, by all means connect with the karmic board as they can protect you from being psychically attacked.
Even to change parts of your divine life path, use HSZSN to connect with the Karmic board. Not always will they interfere in your destiny. But if you appeal to them with your intention chits or prayers, your requests will be considered.
I also, feel since the karmic board decides on our life path, we can even ask them to help us manifest our soul mate / twin flame relationships.
Experiment and build your own rapport. That’s the beauty of this Reiki courier service! It goes everywhere!

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