Reiki and Universal Programming

Reiki and Universal Programming
Reiki and Universal Programming

Greetings to everyone! This is my first article on this website. Today I will be writing about Reiki and Universal Programming.
Reiki correlates with Einstein’s theory of ‘Relativity to Time and Space.’ We have often heard people say that Reiki can make things happen faster or slower! In my opinion, time and space are relative concepts, they are not solidly defined. It is our perception that gives time its length and space its vastness.
Confused about the above theory? Reiki is Universal energy; it is intelligent and gives us guidance about things. But it belongs to the Universe. Have you actually tried to just communicate directly with the Universe which is the source of Reiki? I believe the Universe always communicates with us. We may or may not notice the signs always. I can give a personal example. Some years ago I was dating someone who was no good for me. I eventually ended my relationship with him. I was upset with God for not warning me and I even stopped praying! It was much later when I learnt Reiki, I understood that the Universe had always communicated with me!

Reiki and Universal Programming
Reiki and Universal Programming

Every time I had to meet this guy, I would not get transport to go to his place. Or I would get cheated by the cab driver or get drenched in rain! There was a song I found creepy all the time and strangely it was that guy’s favorite song!! Other signs we get from the universe is when suddenly someone we don’t know says something that really touches our heart. Or it brings nostalgia to a place or person we have loved. These are Universal signs and messages. A nice song on the TV also relates to us in many ways.
So, to experience this wonderful two way communication, we need to learn Programming. Connect to the Universe with HSZSN and simply intend “Dear Universe please make me aware of all your messages coming to me” state the intention 3 times. And see the wonders of your heightened sensitivity! I do this everyday! It is so wonderful to know what will happen, it gives me a positive feeling that something good is about to happen.
When you get the same message twice pay attention! It is telling you something about your past, present and future. This is also good for asking questions that need clarity urgently. If you are in doubt of which job you ought to pursue or if your pet will heal from such and such disease or even if your girl friend is cheating on you, ask the universe.
Connect to the Universe with HSZSN and ask “Dear Universe I wish to know if ABC job is good for me. If your answer is yes, please show me a sign (a red rose or wooden box) in the next 24 hours.” Repeat the entire programme 3 times. If the job is good for you, you will see a red rose or wooden box or whatever sign you have picked in 24 hours. Might be a good idea to refresh it within the 24 hours. Keep repeating the intention every few hours. Of course keep the timeline in mind. Don’t keep saying 24 hrs when 16 hrs have passed!
Your sign will come to you when you least expect it, when you have completely forgotten about your programme, you will suddenly be hit by your sign and then you will say “Oh joy that’s my sign!”

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