Special Altar

Special Altar
Special Altar

What is an altar?

Altar is a sacred place you allot for your daily worship, a place you created with God deities, Angel’s pics and statuettes, incense, crystals, angel-tarot cards etc. It is a very personal place you have created for worshipping. The people who are spiritual or into spiritual healing must have created a sacred altar with deities, pictures of Angels, crystals, candles, etc. Creating an altar is nothing new but how many of you have a special altar, for that special wish? Not many would raise their hand I guess. The special altar for the special wish is related to the wish, you collect and put things that resonates with your wish, and you pray and give extra time to that special altar.

Special Altar
Special Altar

The altar space is mostly chosen as per vaastu or Fengshui, although you can choose any place your heart desires. The more restrictions you create, the more restrictions you face to manifest dreams.

  • Think of what you want to manifest in your life- love, money, traveling, career or any other thing.
  • Start collecting things that symbolizes your wish. Collect minimum 5 objects, the more the better. Suppose you want to manifest love in your life, you collect love symbol, couple pics, statuettes, showpieces, crystals etc.
  • Create a special space depending on your wish. If your wish is love then find relationship corner of your house, if your wish is money then find money corner of the house.
  • To create a special altar, first cleanse and declutter the area. Burn incense or sage stick and draw CKR to remove negativity from the area.
  • Now place all the collected objects there and decorate the area with love and trust. You can keep adding more objects resonating with your wish as you keep collecting more. You can place your Reiki box and Crystal grid at this altar created for the specific use.
  • Lit a candle daily and ask God and Angels to manifest your wish.

Have immense faith that you have given your worries to higher authorities and it shall be fulfilled.

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