The awakening path Meditation

Meditation Reiki Healers
Meditation Reiki Healers

Meditation is not a complected  process rather it is  devotion to God, deep thinking, a practice to train your mind. Its chintan , manan and self analyzing. In-fact it is a way to control your Senses. It is associated with our life, without meditation  you can’t fulfill or achieved your physical or spiritual aims . This is a way to enlighten and awaken your inner thoughts and to live in present, thus it helps to give the path to your life.

Padasth Meditation

In this method one has to sit in front of your Isht Dev , keep his mind still and concentrating to your God from head to toe. then devote yourself completely to the  God. Concentrate your mind to the chanting of word OM.Through this all your anger, anxiety and negativite feelings come to an  end consequently your mind and heart turns holy . At this point you feel free from your physical and mental  pressures. This is stage of complete peace in the lap of God.

Meditation Reiki Healers
Meditation Reiki Healers

Pindasth Meditation

In  Pindasth Meditation we believe to have our focus on the Seven Chakras. Firstly You have to concentrate on the root chakra, where there is a lotus with four patels, It’s colour is red and God is Ganesha. This step is followed by concentrating on navel chakra, solar plexes chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra .At last you experience the thousand patels Chakra, complete peace and anand.This is beleived  to be the best method of Meditation. Yog  plays an important role in meditation. One can meet with his soul through this Meditation which is called Jyotiardarshan. Different people have individual experience.  This also helps to know about your previous birth.

Rupasth Dhyan

As the name tells Rupasth means Roop or visualization in which you have to concentrate on the middle of your eyebrows  and visualize every thing in front of you. Firstly you see Agni  followed by the group of Stars, Moon and the Sun. In this method we see, imagine or visualise different scenes through your inner vision . One can feel pure holy and enlightened all around.

Rupati  Meditation

In this method of  Meditation  There is no particular image, picture or shape  in front of you. One have to concentrate at Nirakar Braham. In this method the person concentrate his mind in Braham or  zero shape. A person meditate or focus on Param Braham through his  heart and mind .you can feel the presence of God in each and every thing created by him. This is the last stage of Meditation after that one can enter in samathi stage.

  • Things to keep in mind while doing meditation
  • choose a place and time where nobody disturb you for some time.
  • Sit in correct  posture in padmasan or sukhasan (straight back)
  • Keep your mind with zero thoughts and devotion to God.
  • You can ask foe help to your reiki gurus,  get guidance and thank them afterwards.
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