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The Awakening RHF
The Awakening RHF


RHF’s Global Reiki Mission – Free Mass Reiki Seminar

Event Date : 8th May 2016
Location : Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi, India
The biggest mission Reiki Healing Foundation has undertaken to enlighten the mass with the supreme powers of Universal Healing Energy “Reiki”

With a Collective experience of more then 40 year in the field of energy science & Naturopathy, with this workshop RHF intends to teach the mass about this wonderful energy healing system which can annihilate almost every probable from their daily lives. People get trapped in the fraudulent schemes of various religious as well as spiritual gurus, even the medical society does not consider guiding them genuinely to lead a healthy and a pros porous life. Our core idea is to free people from all these religious superstitions, ignorant eating habits, planetary fears, disguising medical practices and above all blind beliefs. It is high time people get to know about the true and simple facts of achieving a supreme state of Mind, Body and Soul. A society of healthy and prosperous beings would uplift the overall standard of LIFE for every individual.

The Awakening RHF
The Awakening RHF

This course is not only about healing oneself or others, it goes way beyond that and gives you an insight over the various inate powers, we all are born with and how we can use these supreme powers to bring a paradigm shift in our routine lives in term of Health, Wealth and prosperity.

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