Reiki Tips for Exams

reiki exam
reiki exam

Exam days create a panic in students mind, this will distract the student from the study area. Different student have different style of study some student read on way to exam, I think it’s not a good idea. But study is important for exams.

Reiki will help you to concentrate on study. Reiki can help in improving Your performance.

Take a glass of water in your hand and make an affirmation.

Make an affirmation

  • His (child) concentration and memory is very sharp. He can remember and recall everything, He is successful in his exam in merit.
  • Nothing is impossible, If I think, he can get success. It is in his head. he will put his best effort.
reiki exam
reiki exam

Calling reiki help

  • Give Reiki on one’s head, forehead, ears and on all the Chakras.
  • Make symbol 2+1 on all these parts and Chakras.
  • Take a glass of water charge it with crystal (making symbol 2+1), give it to your child.
  • Give violet colour crystal mala or pendant (after programming) to wear or put it near study table.
  • Put Your wish or photo on the grid for effective result.
  • Make symbol 1 on your child’s head, forehead before going to exams strengthen him with reiki, bless for his success.
  • Give reiki (for 15 min) to the child during the examination period through distance healing.
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