Reiki is Miracle


Reiki has change my life totally. I met with Guruma Mrs Savita Sharma in Jan 2015 through my friend. I joined the Reiki 1st and 2nd level course and learnt a lots of from her. I think it was the accurate time that, I introduced with her as it was fixed by the God.

.Just then I Came to know about my pregnancy, but I was very much afraid as I had 3 miscarriages earlier (in early stage of 3 months). I was afraid, it would happen or not. I went to Mrs Savita Sharma and told her about my problem. Firstly she made me relaxed, calm. She told me to start reiki sadhna to strengthen me and my inner self.

Image By Mike’s Birds

I started from day one in the morning. I charged water with reiki prayer and drink it daily, and continue reiki healing. It diverted me to the positive direction, made my mind calm and heal my bod ( by strengthen to my ovaries and uterus). In Alfa level I continuous gave reiki for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. I met to Guruma, after Dousing, she said that you will have a healthy baby and normal delivery. Nine months completed with all my faith, after ulta-sound doctor said there will be some complication, so we could not take risk .They had given the date for operation. All thanks to my reiki Guru, with the help of distance healing and reiki prayers. At the last movement doctor saw the condition as the baby moved to the right position and I had normal delivery. It was truly a miracle for me. I thanked to Reiki and my Guru’s who blessed me a baby girl on 27 nov 2015.

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