REIKI- My Daily Energy Capsoul

Image By Ted

Reiki is truly a blessing by Dr. Mikao Usui, who taught us this beautiful lesson. In today’s life when I wake up in the morning thank to God, reiki energy and put my hand on my eyes for a minute feeling relaxed and blessed. After taking bath do my daily Sadhna, put cho-ku-rei symbol on my chakras, give reiki cleaning to my home and office. Again thank to my reiki guru and reiki energy.

As it make me learn to live in present or in the moment now. As past and future are negative world. It empowers me and helps me to know about myself and my abilities more afficiently. It enhance my natural abilities, creativity strenthen me, which make me confident. I learn a lot in this soulful world.

Image By Ted
Image By Ted

Reiki make my body and soul aligned

It balanced my inner body and strengthen the mental state of mind

It calm down the fear, anxiety, anger, distressed. which can reduced the pressure on mind.

It control and heal the emotion slowly.

It boost my energy, so I can direct this the positive side

It make clear my mind and motivate me to brightest side of the life.

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