Hidden treasure – Our Palm

Image by Tony Gladvin George

Through my reiki practice I am learning a lot and my believe is to spread my experience with other fellows so they can also be the part of such beautiful knowledge.

I am grateful that reiki changes my life, my routine and fills my life with immense pleasure. As all we know that our body is composed with Five Elements i.e. Fire, Air, Ether, Earth and Water. Our body have seven chakras, which gives continuous energy to us .

Image by Tony Gladvin George
Image by Tony Gladvin George

Our five fingers and palm is a hidden treasure. Points in our palm are related to our planets also.These points are helpful in all worships, meditation and also in therapies such as acupressure, reflexology.

A light press with thumb on these points affect on our nerves, thinking, chakras and life. A right posture (Mudra) in meditation is very helpful in strengthen you, to know your inner self, and awakening of Kundlini. In a simple way you may know how your palm and fingers relates your chakras.

Little finger Sacral Chakra Mercury
Ring finger Root Chakra Sun
Middle finger Throat Chakra Saturn
Index finger Heart Chakra Jupiter
Thumb Solar plexus Chakra Brahma
Centre part of Palm Crown Chakra Mars
Root of Thumb Brow Chakra Venus
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