Are you satisfied with your life ?

Gnosa Karuna Reiki Symbol
Gnosa Karuna Reiki Symbol

How can we live a life in a beautiful way ?
How can we get satisfied life ?
Question mostly comes in my mind today’s life is a fast moving life. New generation is busy in fulfilling their dream, everybody live in an imaginary world and wants to get more and more.I think there is no satisfaction in anybody’s life..
In Karuna reiki Symbol Gnosa comes as a guide and showing path to us in life. Gnosa is primary symbol in Karuna Reiki but works well with Symbol Rama. Gnosa heals the mind, brings the higher self into physical body and make balance in physical and spiritual level.

Gnosa Karuna Reiki Symbol
Gnosa Karuna Reiki Symbol

Gnosa means knowledge or wisdom .It helps in balancing your thoughts and make your conscious mind strong and awaken, so that you can walk through the right direction.

It makes your thoughts and mind clean, creat and enhance the connection with the higher self.So one can communicate his ideas more efficiently.The person can developes himslf and fulfill his dream through this path.

It works with the nervous system,help you to learn physical things as well as mental things.So it improve learning abilty,communication skill,creativity and works for your development or fulfillment.
Gnosa works well with rama ,It assist us in connecting with devine mind and the higher self to obvious our creativity on the physical plane.

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