Charger of your body

Charge your body

Our Hands are the true source of energy. We have seven chakras in our five fingers and palms, are also the location of planets in our hand. Thumb is called Brahma or Agni Tatva .Thumb symbolize Shiv and our rest fingers are the power (Shakti), and both together means universal powers. It helps in charging or affecting on our body, our seven chakras and make a positive impact on us.

Charge your body
Charge your body

Thumb symbolize our will-power. Thumb is actually the source of positive energy. So in meditation, worship and in rieiki practice proper posture with straight back and finger positioning must be followed. This will make our concentration focused. The combination of thumb with fingers is responsible for the flow of Pran Energy in our body, destroy the negative thoughts, vibes and quick recovery from the diseases. In fact thumb is the charger of our body, which recharge our powers and energies connecting with the wires of fingers. Keep practicing your Reiki sadhana regularly…

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