Camphor burner magic of light with reiki

brass camphor lamp burner
brass camphor lamp burner

Camphor burners

Almost every Pooja and Aarti being performed with camphor, it has holy felling, spiritual significance. Camphor burns itself out completely without leaving a trace. It is also suggested to lit camphor in morning and evening.

Camphor Burner / lamp diffuser is used on almost every place like office, home and temple, fragrance of camphor clean the air, remove the negative energies and purifies the atmosphere. When we use the Camphor lamp it will collect the black carbonized material that accumulates below the camphor receptacle, quantity of this depend on negativity in environment.

brass camphor lamp burner
brass camphor lamp burner

Many uses and benefit of camphor Lamp

  • First of all best placement of camphore Burner is South-East and South directions
  • You can place the camphor as well as water also in upper bowl.
  • Remove the negative vibrations and purifies the atmosphere
  • This is also used to correct any Vastu Dosha
  • Light up the lamp morning and evening using the mustard oil, it will improve the energy of chakras of the body and remove the negative vibrations
  • Some Reiki Masters uses the Camphor Lamp diffuser to fulfill the wises by charging the lamp