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Amanda Dodd

Namaste! My name is Amanda and I am Karuna Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Emotion Code practitioner, Body Code practitioner, Certified Coach & Advanced Angel Card Reader, Medium and Angel Intuitive with inspiration to share with you.

My sessions often include Aroma Therapy and the Aroma Touch Technique as well as Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls.

I see clients in my home healing space as well as via proxy, visit my website to know more!

Warm wishes to you,
Amanda M Dodd from Angel-Aura

80 Center St
United States
Janine Sousa

Janine has been working in the Healing Arts for twenty years and brings the gift of sensing and removing energy blockages to her work. She is dedicated to helping people reach their highest level of wellness.

45 Princeton Street
Karuna Krinsky

Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho) since 2002. Serving SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We teach all levels of traditional Reiki and offer treatments by appointment.

Racine, Wisconsin
Lara Skadsen

I am a Reiki Master, Artist, Art Teacher, Energy Coach, Yoga instructor and JourneyDance facilitator. I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My husband and I have been teaching internationally for over 20 years and we have lived in many countries around the world. My passion is to help others heal themselves and be teach others how to live in their higher consciousness, so that life can be awesome and we can all work to improve our lives and others and make this planet a better place to live.

Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur,
Desa Park City
+60 12-970 8664
Lisa Morgan

After many years of self-study into various metaphysical topics, Lisa became a Usui Reiki Master in 2008, and then a Karuna Ki Reiki Master in 2009.

Pine Commons Office Park, 2450 Atlanta Highway, Suite 902
United States
Vedant Vikrom Borah

A Reiki practitioner and teacher of Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Akashic Records, Tarot and Oracle card reading.

Believes in Divine timing and Reiki blessings to the core.


Reiki, Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Yoga, Pilates

Victoria, British Columbia